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Laura Roeder 25 Dec 2023 • EN

Laura Roeder: In Defense of 1:1 Coaching!

Laura Roeder has been an entrepreneur since she was 22, and has founded successful products like MeetEdgar and Paperbell. She’s been named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 for several years, and has spoken about entrepreneurship at the White House. Listen in as Laura shares why 1:1 coaching shouldn’t be dismis

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Jenny Blake & Laura Roeder 24 Jan 2023 • EN

Downshifting to a Delightfully Part-Team Team with Laura Roeder

What type of business would you build if you no longer needed the money? After a life-changing exit from her previous company, Meet Edgar, Laura Roeder’s answer: a fun one.  She is now more focused than ever on building a business that is bootstrapped, agile, asynchronous, joyful for all involved, and powered by part-t

55 min
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On this episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast, we interview Laura Roeder. Laura is the founder of Meet Edgar, a social media success tool that has grown rapidly. She is also the founder of a new software tool called Paper Bell, a scheduling and payments software for coaches.  What do you do when you have an extremely s

50 min
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Show Notes In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Laura Roeder joins the podcast to answer a number of listener questions on topics including managing annual subscriptions, being a non-developer founder, and more. Items mentioned in this episode: MeetEdgar MicroConf Stripe

41 min
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Sarah K. Peck & Laura Roeder 07 May 2018 • EN

Building a Startup Without the Grind (Laura Roeder)

#055 — Fitting Your Business Around Your Life People will tell you that the early days of your startup will require 80-hour work weeks, that you won’t see your friends and family. But here’s the thing: You always have a choice. If there’s 80 hours-worth of work to be done, you can slice that up into two weeks. Or rathe

46 min
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Reuben Swartz & Laura Roeder 27 Nov 2017 • EN

Laura Roeder of founder Laura Roeder talks about how she started her consulting, online training and software businesses, and how she decided to move on from earlier efforts. Laura also discusses: How to connect with thought leaders online How she got her own panel at SXSW when she was just 29 How she got clients for her

27 min
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