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Karl Gruber I am a bit of a Renaissance Man - marathon runner, running coach, author, radio personality/DJ/podcaster, freelance writer, certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. In 1996-'97, I became the 9th man in the world to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks!

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Karl Gruber & Carol Collins 31 Dec 2023 • EN

America's Medium, Carol Collins - Voice for The Teachers

After 5 years of doing World Awakenings, I can tell you that I have had only a couple guests who have appeared on this show more than once, and here on episode #143, Carol Collins, returns for her third appearance! Carol is a gifted channel, the voice for The Jeshua Collective in which her abilities spontaneously manif

64 min
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Karl Gruber & Jackie Lora Jones 23 Aug 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #126 with Jackie Lora Jones

So, what would you do if you got to a point in your life where most of everything you saw and experienced didn’t make any sense, and you became stuck in a vortex of frustration, anger, fear, and wondering just what the heck your life in this body was all about? Would you make the dark choice to end it all, or get lost

66 min
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Karl Gruber & Alex Berkeley 05 Aug 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #124 w/Consciousness Explorer, Alex Berkeley

In episode #124 we visit with self-described "Psychonaut", Alex Berkeley, and we take a DEEP dive into what exactly reality is. We also explore the vast realms of consciousness and it's many mysteries. Still at a young age, Alex has experienced numerous personal mystical experiences, plus an intimate experience of a Ne

51 min
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Karl Gruber & Bill Free 30 Jul 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #123 with Bill Free

World Awakenings continues bringing you the world's best spiritual teachers, and this episode #123 continues this tradition with Bill Free! Bill is the founder of Pure Presence Productions, a platform for thought leaders, wisdom teachers, and teachers that help to awaken you to your true identity. He is a renowned stud

58 min
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Karl Gruber & Isabel Stal 15 Jul 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #122 with Medicine Woman, Isabel Stal

In this episode #122 of World Awakenings we visit with one of our most popular guests, for her 4th time on this show, from Oslo, Norway by way of Sweden, Isabel Stal. She was on episodes #2, #12 & #30, and now episode #122! Isabel is a Medicine woman, space holder, spiritual awakening mentor, Yogi, Musician, singer & a

46 min
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Karl Gruber & Carol Collins 30 Jun 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #121 with America's Medium, Carol Collins

Here on episode #121 of "World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment", we once again turn our attention to the realm of trance channeling, this time with my featured guest, America’s Medium (formerly known as the Pittsburgh Medium), Carol Collins! This is her second visit to World Awakenings, and she brings with

66 min
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