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Seth Greene & Will Rodriguez 06 Dec 2023 • EN

Managing Multimillion-Dollar Portfolios

Will Rodriguez began his career in the wealth management field in 2012 while working for a large, multi-national firm. It was there that he developed his passion for financial planning. Will joined Briggs Wealth Management in 2019 and services our clients financial planning needs. Will graduated from the University of

23 min
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Michael Jackson & Karen Endsley + Will Rodriguez 06 Oct 2023 • EN

The Skeptic Metaphysicians - Will Rodriguez & Karen Endsley

Will Rodriguez & Karen Endsley are in constant search for the truth about life’s mysteries and the universe. Together, this real-life husband and wife team host The Skeptic Metaphysicians, a Signal Award-winning show that explores metaphysics, spiritual awakenings, healing modalities, enlightenment and expanded conscio

39 min
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Karl Gruber & Will Rodriguez + Karen Endsley 19 Mar 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #109 with the Skeptic Metaphysicians

This is episode #109 of "World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment", and this time around we host some fellow podcasters, Will Rodriguez & Karen Endsley, who co-host their own show called, "The Skeptic Metaphysicians". Both Will & Karen are TV producers with Karen also being a TV show host, who now have their o

53 min
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Jeff Macolino & Will Rodriguez + Karen Endsley 29 Aug 2022 • EN

093 - The Skeptic Metaphysicians and Me

Will Rodriguez and Karen Endsley join me from The Skeptic Metaphysicians Podcast to talk about, well, duh - metaphysical topics. These include meditation, connecting with the universe and so much more. Will and Karen are a couple searching for the truth about reality, the universe and everything! Check Out The Skeptic

86 min
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Toby Pasman & Will Rodriguez 20 Apr 2021 • EN

NFX #106: Metaphysics & Mental Health w/ Will Rodriguez

Will Rodriguez the Executive Producer of a mental health podcast called Calm, Cool and Connected. and host of The Skeptical Metaphysician. Having undergone his own personal mental health challenge, he has researched different modalities and can speak about them. He owns his authentic truth and has no problem sharing it

46 min
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