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Michael Jackson & Karen Endsley + Will Rodriguez 06 Oct 2023 • EN

The Skeptic Metaphysicians - Will Rodriguez & Karen Endsley

Will Rodriguez & Karen Endsley are in constant search for the truth about life’s mysteries and the universe. Together, this real-life husband and wife team host The Skeptic Metaphysicians, a Signal Award-winning show that explores metaphysics, spiritual awakenings, healing modalities, enlightenment and expanded conscio

39 min
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Karl Gruber & Will Rodriguez + Karen Endsley 19 Mar 2023 • EN

World Awakenings #109 with the Skeptic Metaphysicians

This is episode #109 of "World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment", and this time around we host some fellow podcasters, Will Rodriguez & Karen Endsley, who co-host their own show called, "The Skeptic Metaphysicians". Both Will & Karen are TV producers with Karen also being a TV show host, who now have their o

53 min
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Jeff Macolino & Will Rodriguez + Karen Endsley 29 Aug 2022 • EN

093 - The Skeptic Metaphysicians and Me

Will Rodriguez and Karen Endsley join me from The Skeptic Metaphysicians Podcast to talk about, well, duh - metaphysical topics. These include meditation, connecting with the universe and so much more. Will and Karen are a couple searching for the truth about reality, the universe and everything! Check Out The Skeptic

86 min
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