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Russ Roberts & John List 25 Jul 2022 • EN

John List on Scale, Uber, and the Voltage Effect

Economist John List of the University of Chicago talks about his book, The Voltage Effect, with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. He discusses what determines scalability and argues that the only good ideas that count are those that scale. Along the way, he draws on his experiences as chief economist of Uber and Lyft to peer

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Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson & John List 23 May 2022 • EN

Fail to Scale: Why Good Research Doesn’t Always Make Great Policy | John A. List

Lots of us have good ideas, some even back their ideas up with successful research. So why do these good ideas fail to scale into great, big ideas? John A. List shares the personal example of his highly successful kindergarten reform in South Side Chicago which then didn’t scale across the nation. His intrigue into thi

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Welcome to Strategy Skills episode 234, an episode with a highly regarded economist and best-selling author, John A. List. Get John's book here: In this episode, John defined scaling – an overused yet often confused word in the startup world today – and elaborated the term. He also spoke about t

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Most economists would argue that policies and business strategies are most likely to succeed if they are evidence-based, with their efficacy demonstrated empirically by randomized controlled trials before they are implemented at scale. John List spearheaded the introduction of field experiments in economics, publishing

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Bilal Hafeez & John List 25 Feb 2022 • EN

John List on Insights From Uber, Paying Bonuses and Scaling Ideas

This podcast is sponsored by Masterworks, the first platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic artworks. They are making it possible to invest in multimillion-dollar works from artists like Banksy, Kaws, Basquiat, and many more. John is the Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Profe

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Paul M. Rand & John List 17 Feb 2022 • EN

Why Big Ideas Fail To Scale—And How To Fix It With John List

Solving problems like poverty, education inequality or discrimination require policy interventions that can scale, but they rarely do. Why do some scale, while others have little success? It's not luck, it's not skill, it's actually a scientific method—at least, that's how Prof. John List describes it. A world-renowned

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