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Gary Vaynerchuk & Jesse Genet 27 Aug 2023 • EN

Practicality in Leadership With Jesse Genet

Today's podcast is a conversation I had back in May 2019 with Jesse Genet, who is the co-founder and CEO of Lumi. We discussed leadership and communication, specifically the role humor plays in it and its underutilized potential. We also touch on authenticity in business as opposed to cutting corners or looking for ang

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37 min
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Gary Vaynerchuk & Jesse Genet 11 May 2019 • EN

#AskGaryVee Live with Jesse Genet

Podcast! I really enjoyed this episode of #AGV. Jesse is one of the few people I've ever called a true born entrepreneur and I admire both her leadership skills and emotional awareness. We talked about the value of a degree, how her company Lumi ( started, what makes a good CEO and more. Check out

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Joanne Wilson & Jesse Genet 25 Mar 2019 • EN

Episode 97: Sheer Will and Self-Confidence - Jesse Genet, Lumi

Jesse Genet is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lumi, a company that creates packaging solutions for modern supply chain teams. Jesse has a killer story of taking leap-of-faith after leap-of-faith from an early age, straight on into her latest venture, without a single break for self-doubt in between.

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Erik Torenberg & Jesse Genet 30 Jan 2019 • EN

Doing For Atoms What AWS Did For Bits with Jesse Genet of Lumi

Erik is joined by Jesse Genet (@jessegenet), co-founder and CEO of Lumi. Lumi is an online platform that handles all of the packaging needs for direct-to-consumer companies. Jesse explains what the typical process for procuring these types of supplies why even huge companies like Amazon still have to navigate a maze of

51 min
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Patrick Tanahan + Nerses Aposhian & Jesse Genet 18 Dec 2017 • EN

Jesse Genet | Transforming Packaging for eCommerce Brands with Lumi

We had a blast sitting down with Jesse Genet, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumi (YC W15), and hearing about her journey of building a transformative packaging solution for eCommerce brands who want to deliver more “WOW” to their customers…and swimming with some Sharks while doing so! SUBSCRIBE TO TFH NEWSLETTER & STAY UPDATED

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