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Alison Stewart & Jennifer Weiner 28 Jul 2022 • EN

Get Lit: Jennifer Weiner's 'The Summer Place'

Get Lit with All Of It is on the radio this summer! This month, we've been reading, The Summer Place, by bestselling author Jennifer Weiner. The novel tells the story of a family full of secrets... secrets that are forced to the surface when 22-year-old Ruby decides to get married to her pandemic boyfriend at the famil

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Miwa Messer & Jennifer Weiner 12 May 2022 • EN

Jennifer Weiner on THE SUMMER PLACE

“I was thinking about caretaking. And I was thinking about mothers because I lost my mom last year, but just the places that feel familiar and how they almost become characters in our heads. Like when I think about the house where I grew up, and I can remember it so specifically right down to the way like the closet sm

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Zibby Owens & Jennifer Weiner 22 Aug 2021 • EN

Jennifer Weiner, THAT SUMMER: A Novel

Bestselling author Jennifer Weiner joined Zibby's Virtual Book Club to talk about her latest novel, That Summer. Jennifer shares how she was inspired to write her recent trilogy after receiving another Jennifer Weiner's emails and why she wanted to combine that story with the #MeToo movement. She also answers questions

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Zibby Owens & Jennifer Weiner 02 Jun 2021 • EN

Jennifer Weiner, THAT SUMMER

Zibby did a Facebook Live with bestselling author Jennifer Weiner to celebrate the launch of her latest summer read, That Summer. Jen recently lost both her mother and her father-in-law. She and Zibby discussed the illness, how blindsided she was by its speed and ferocity, how she’s managing a book launch through it al

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Jill Grunenwald & Jennifer Weiner 24 May 2021 • EN

Talking That Summer with Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is back on the Professional Book Nerds podcast, this time to talk about her newest book THAT SUMMER. She and Jill discuss cottagecore, writing a book in the pandemic, and getting emails meant for someone with the same name. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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How do you find the courage to tell a story that speaks your truth? Jennifer Weiner, bestselling author and novelist of books like Good In Bed, In Her Shoes, and Mrs. Everything used her pain to rise up and become one of the most beloved writers of our time. She shares what makes a story resonate so strongly with reade

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