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Frank Buckley & Brad Meltzer 25 Jan 2023 • EN

Brad Meltzer, Author of "The Nazi Conspiracy"

Brad Meltzer is the author of 13 New York Times Best Selling thrillers including his most recent The Lightning Rod. He is also the rare author who has had books in multiple categories of best sellers including Non-Fiction, Advice, and Children's Books. He is the recipient of an Eisner Award for comic books. His newest

22 min
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Adam Carolla & Brad Meltzer + Adam Ray 13 Jan 2023 • EN

Adam Ray + Brad Meltzer (ACS January 13)

Comedian Adam Ray joins Adam as they break down the lyrics of ‘Tattooed Love Boys’ and Golden Globe presenters' reactions to the winners. Next, Author Brad Meltzer calls in to talk about his new book, ‘THE NAZI CONSPIRACY: The Secret Plot to Kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill’, which covers a little-known covert Naz

130 min
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Glenn tells the story of a Pakistani man who traveled to Alabama to receive surgery and the warm greeting he received. Glenn and Stu discuss the politics of California and how they compare to the politics of the rest of America. Biden has now used the Defense Production Act twice to further his policy agenda fascistica

123 min
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Marianne Pestana & Brad Meltzer 11 Mar 2022 • EN

The Lightning Rod with Brad Meltzer

What’s the one secret no one knows about you? Zig and Nola are back - in the hugely entertaining, highly anticipated follow-up to Brad Meltzer’s number one New York Times best-selling thriller The Escape Artist. Tune in for this discussion with Brad Meltzer on his new #thriller The Lightning Rod: A Zig & Nola Novel. Mo

8 min
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James Altucher & Brad Meltzer 08 Mar 2022 • EN

828 - Brad Meltzer: How to write the "Twist" in a Thriller Novel!

Do you know, some ongoing comic has no Act 3? Writing a twist in a novel and any kind of media is an art! In this episode, I was joined by Brad Meltzer,  American novelist, non-fiction writer, TV show creator, and comic book author, to talk about his process of writing his new book, The Lightning Rod! A few of the less

46 min
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Zibby Owens & Brad Meltzer 08 Mar 2022 • EN

Brad Meltzer, THE LIGHTENING ROD: A Zig & Nola Novel

New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer returns to talk with Zibby his latest thriller, The Lightning Rod, which was inspired by a real figure hired by the United States Army to paint disasters as they occur. Brad shares how influential his mother and the loss of his parents have been on all of his novels, which

27 min
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