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Charlie Kirk & Alex Berenson 02 May 2024 • EN

The Disaster of Marijuana Legalization with Alex Berenson

The Biden Administration is moving to reduce restrictions on marijuana, and the drug is now legal in a majority of U.S. states. But is surrendering in the war on drugs a good idea, or just a disaster for the country's young people? Alex Berenson explains the many harmful side effects of America's most popular illegal d

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Tucker Carlson & Alex Berenson 12 Jan 2024 • EN

Alex Berenson

When do the architects of the Covid catastrophe go on trial? We asked Alex Berenson. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

56 min
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Joe Rogan & Alex Berenson 20 Sep 2023 • EN

#2037 - Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson is a journalist who writes the Unreported Truth Substack ( and the award-winning author of 13 novels and three non-fiction books. He is currently suing the Biden Administration and senior Pfizer officials for their efforts in 2021 to ban him from Twitter; he is the only p

173 min
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Alex Berenson 05 Oct 2022 • EN

Alex Berenson on Wins Against Pharma and Tech

Alex Berenson discusses recent victories against Big Pharma and Big Tech with RFK Jr in this episode. For more info read Alex Berenson's Substack: --- Send in a voice message:

45 min
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Joe Rogan & Alex Berenson 26 Aug 2022 • EN

#1864 - Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson is a journalist and award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction. His most recent book is "Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives" is available now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

186 min
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Drew Pinsky & Kelly Victory + Alex Berenson 15 Aug 2022 • EN

Dr. Kelly Victory & Alex Berenson on Twitter Lawsuit, Monkeypox & COVID-19 Censorship

In 2021, Alex Berenson was suspended by Twitter for "misinformation." So he sued the platform to restore his account... and WON. He returns to Ask Dr. Drew LIVE with Dr. Kelly Victory to discuss censorship, COVID-19, Monkeypox & Big Tech's attempts to ban debates about controversial topics. MEDICAL NOTE: The CDC states

80 min
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