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Richard Jacobs & Jason Brennan 15 May 2022 • EN

Taboo Topics and Truths with Professor Jason Brennan

If you see a police officer choking someone to death … is it morally permissible to shoot the police officer to save the person? Professor Jason Brennan from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, argues that yes, it would indeed be just and morally permissible. Press play to discover: Why people do not re

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Erik Torenberg & Jason Brennan 20 May 2021 • EN

Incentive Misalignment in Higher Education with Jason Brennan

Jason Brennan, author of Cracks in the Ivory Tower, joins Erik to discuss: - The fact that students who finish college are actually more pro-market than students who don’t. - Why general education requirements are often pushed by departments that are struggling, and how that leads to rent-seeking. - The idea of “transf

51 min
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Trevor Burrus + Aaron Ross Powell & Jason Brennan 26 Mar 2021 • EN

Why It's OK to Want to Be Rich (with Jason Brennan)

In Jason Brennan's new book, Why It’s OK to Want to Be Rich, he shows that the moralizers have it backwards. He argues that, in general, the more money you make, the more you already do for others, and that even an average wage earner is productively “giving back” to society just by doing her job. In addition, wealth l

47 min
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Jim Rutt & Jason Brennan 30 Dec 2019 • EN

EP32 Jason Brennan on Irrational Democracy & Academia

Author & Professor Jason Brennan talks with Jim about teaching business school, libertarianism, poor incentives/outcomes in democracy & academia, and much more... Author & Research Professor Jason Brennan talks with Jim about teaching in business school after studying philosophy, what a bleeding heart libertarian is, t

91 min
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Tom Woods & Phil Magness + Jason Brennan 03 Aug 2019 • EN

Ep. 1462 The Moral Mess of Higher Education

Phil Magness discusses his new book (with Jason Brennan) about the problems with higher education. They aren't talking about ideological conformity, bad as that is. They are discussing other problems, just as deep and pervasive. For example, most academic marketing and advertising is semi-fraudulent. To justify their o

41 min
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Trevor Burrus + Aaron Ross Powell & Phil Magness + Jason Brennan 05 Jul 2019 • EN

Cracks in the Ivory Tower (with Jason Brennan & Phil Magness)

Universities aim to be centers of learning that find the best and brightest students, treat them fairly, and equip them with the knowledge they need to lead better lives. But Jason Brennan and Phillip Magness join us today to show how American universities fall far short of this ideal. What is the purpose of college? W

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