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Reid Hoffman & Jack Conte 06 Sep 2022 • EN

118. The Wrongness Playbook, part 2, w/Patreon's Jack Conte

When is it time to double down on your instincts, and when is it time to open yourself up to feedback? Sometimes it comes down to a hard call… that you might get totally wrong. In Part Two of our episode with Patreon’s Jack Conte, you’ll hear how he was able to raise capital by telling his authentic story after a serie

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Reid Hoffman & Jack Conte 30 Aug 2022 • EN

117. The Wrongness Playbook, part 1, w/Patreon's Jack Conte

Building a business means making mistakes. Lots of them. But how you’re wrong isn’t always obvious. Jack Conte has learned this lesson as a working musician — and while scaling Patreon into a company worth $4b. In Part One of a two-part series, you’ll hear how Jack wrote his own Wrongness Playbook, as he learned to ans

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Dave Jorgenson & Jack Conte 19 Jul 2022 • EN

Jack Conte on the future of the creator economy

Washington Post senior video reporter Dave Jorgenson speaks with Jack Conte, CEO and co-founder of Patreon, about the growth and future of the creator economy. Conversation recorded on Monday, July 18, 2022.

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Jay Acunzo & Jack Conte 19 Jan 2022 • EN

The Battle for the Soul of the Internet

Today, we hear the story of Patreon, as told by cofounder and CEO Jack Conte. More pressing for our purposes as makers, however, is the driving belief Jack shares which is the beating heart of the creator economy -- or should be. There's a coming fork in the road we'll face if we want to create for a living and thrive.

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Alexa von Tobel & Jack Conte 22 Dec 2021 • EN

Flashback Episode: Why Creators Matter, with Jack Conte of Patreon

At his core, Jack is a creator. While his musical group Pomplamoose had taken off on YouTube, he realized that the mechanism for turning his fans' attention into dollars was broken. So, he built Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to earn salaries directly from their biggest fans. Since its l

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Nilay Patel talks with Jack Conte, co-founder and CEO of Patreon, the platform that allows people to pay their favorite creators directly with monthly subscriptions. Nilay and Jack talk about how Patreon’s model as “membership” works, what Patreon’s relationship is to Apple and the app store, and where the overall crea

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