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Dom Brightmon & Felicity Nicole 19 Jan 2024 • EN

Ep. 780 – She is You with Felicity Nicole

“I speak very vividly in the book about redemption, because my dad at one point did seek redemption, and God did give it to him. God gives everybody a second chance and he took it.” – Felicity Nicole Today’s featured international bestselling author is a mom, wife, mentor, keynote speaker, and the Creator & Editor-in-C

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Shemaiah Reed & Felicity Nicole 04 Jul 2023 • EN

Felicity Nicole - Pieces of Me

Felicity Nicole is the owner of the She Is You brand, a community for midlife women seeking support on their healing journey. She is a co-author of Powerhouse Women, From Survivor to Thriver and her memoir Pieces of Me. Felicity is a domestic violence childhood trauma survivor. As a life coach, she advocates that you c

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Gary McCants & Felicity Nicole 22 May 2023 • EN

Felicity Nicole: "Pieces of Me" Author, Speaker, Coach, & Publisher

Felicity Nicole is an author, speaker, and coach, as well as the creator and owner of She Is You, a brand for midlife women seeking transformations and healing through a community of togetherness.  Her second book, Pieces of Me, is a stunning memoir chronicling her life, from growing up in a dysfunctional family, to fi

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Chicago author, speaker, and life coach Felicity Nicole talks about her latest release “Pieces of Me” reflecting her process of strength, courage and resiliency pulling out of her tragedy growing in an abusive home and leading her to rebuild her life from the ground up and her journey debunks the myth of “point of no r

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Stephanie Martinez Rivera & Felicity Nicole 28 Mar 2023 • EN

It Is Never Too Late To Find Joy In Who You Really Are with Felicity Nicole

If you are in a dark place or trying to get out of one, there are two things you must know for sure: it is never too late to restart, and you are not alone.  In this episode, I'm joined by the inspiring Felicity Nicole, an Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Coach for midlife women who experienced domestic violence or any oth

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