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Joe Dimino & Guy Morris 17 Jan 2024 • EN

Former Corporate Leader, Author & Researcher Guy Morris

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Former Corporate Leader, Author & Researcher Guy Morris .. Retired from a 38-year leadership career with Fortune 500 software, high-tech and global energy, with a reputation as a thought-leader and innovator in imp

38 min
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Summary: In this conversation, Guy Morris discusses various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). He explains the different types of AI, including narrow intelligence, AGI, and artificial superintelligence. Guy also talks about the development and applications of Chat GPT, a large language model AI. He highlights th

70 min
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Dom Brightmon & Guy Morris 18 May 2023 • EN

Ep. 671 – “The Last Ark” with Guy Morris (@guymorrisbooks)

“The best way to become a better version of yourself is through courage and rigorous honesty.” – Guy Morris Today’s featured award-winning author is a musician, composer, A.I. Thought Leader, and Researcher of Intelligent Action Thrillers, Guy Morris. Guy and I had a fun chat about his books, how he was a homeless teen

62 min
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Chris Hood & Guy Morris + David Van Beekum 24 Apr 2023 • EN

Digital Disruption with Guy Morris and David Van Beekum

Digital Disruption significantly alters the way industries, companies, and societies operate. These groundbreaking advancements often create new markets or redefine existing ones, challenging established businesses and transforming our lives and work. As a demonstration of this, 4.9 billion people use the internet worl

31 min
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Timothy Douglas & Guy Morris 03 Mar 2023 • EN

The Danger of AI, World Economics, and Thriller Novels with Guy Morris

Check it out on Spotify: Check it out on Apple: Retired from a 36-year leadership career with Fortune 100 software, high-tech and global energy, Guy Morris has also been a published song writer for Disney Records, screenplay writer for Sojourn Entertainment, a patented

77 min
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Paul G. Newton & Guy Morris 18 Jan 2023 • EN

The Internet is Watching with Author Guy Morris

Welcome to Paul G’s Corner! This is a podcast where anyone and everyone gets a voice. Our program, “things I want to know,” dives into subjects that are not well-known or professions that elude our everyday ho-hum lives.   Because it is so specified in the topics covering the fringe of modern life, many interesting peo

49 min
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