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This week, we"re heading up to New York City to spend a little time with Michael Roderick: Founder, Writer, Podcast Host, Dad and Urban Dweller. Michael talks with me about the freedom that comes from allowing yourself to suck, loneliness, "worshipping reach and ignoring depth" and the one tiny thing each of us can do

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Cole Baker Bagwell & Cathy Nesbitt 10 Oct 2021 • EN

EP32: The Original Alchemists, Bean Sprouts and Belly Laughs with Cathy Nesbitt

This week, I"m heading an hour north of Toronto to hang out with the infectious and delightful Cathy Nesbitt: visionary, bean queen, worm harvester and laughter yoga coach. This episode is medicine for the soul.  Cathy was way ahead of her time. She talks with me about worms: how she got turned onto them and then how t

46 min
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Cole Baker Bagwell & Ethan Beute 05 Sep 2021 • EN

EP28: Buses, Pay Phones and Getting Human with Ethan Beute

This week, I"m heading out West to Colorado  to talk with the creative, cool, jam packed with realness, Ethan Beute: Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, TedX speaker, co-author of Re-Humanize Your Business and host of The Customer Experience podcast. Ethan talks with me about a personal curiosity that led him to interview le

57 min
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Cole Baker Bagwell is an unconventional blend of businessperson, trained mindfulness practitioner and yogi on a mission to bring kindness to corporate culture. She believes attention to the soul of business creates unimaginable possibilities, transforming people and businesses. Cole lived it for two decades during her

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Mary Rogers & Cole Baker Bagwell 23 Oct 2020 • EN

Unfolding Into Kindness with Cole Baker Bagwell

Cole Baker Bagwell's Experience 50 Moment at the age of 48 fueled her pivot toward leading a kindness revolution. Immediately upon leaving her successful career, Cole knew that she needed to "unfold herself" before she could lead the revolution to bring kindness to the world of business. At 51, Cole is the founder of C

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