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Laura Owens + Jan Black & Clint Emerson 28 Apr 2023 • EN

Clint Emerson: to be the right kind of crazy

We’re honored to welcome our guest on this episode, retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, who spent 20 years in the Special Operations community, including time with a Special Mission Unit. He's the New York Times bestselling author of '100 Deadly Skills'.   His book, 'The Right Kind of Crazy', is a gripping memoir about hi

34 min
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Michael Bosstick + Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Clint Emerson 12 May 2022 • EN

Navy SEAL Clint Emerson On Resilience, Mental Toughness, Being Aware, Survival, & Life As A Solider

#460: On today's episode we are joined by Clint Emerson. Clint Emerson joined the Navy in 1994, serving as a SEAL operator at SEAL Team Three, the NSA, and SEAL Team Six, before retiring in 2015. He is currently and author and runs a crisis-management company, Escape the Wolf. On today's episode we discuss personal res

83 min
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Chad Prather & Clint Emerson 02 Nov 2021 • EN

Ep 536 | Survival Hacks for the End of the World | Guest: Clint Emerson

Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL, spent twenty years conducting special ops all over the world while attached to SEAL Team Three, the National Security Agency (NSA), and a Special Mission Unit. He joins to discuss survival hacks as we head into the end of the world. Learn how to survive by getting “100 Deadly Skills: C

47 min
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Ryan Michler & Clint Emerson 08 Jun 2021 • EN

CLINT EMERSON | Combat Skills for Good, Not Evil

Personal combat isn’t something that most of us are likely to engage in any time soon but with seemingly increasing threats such as rioting, looting, home invasions, and active shooter situations, your ability to administer violence might just save your life and the lives of the people you care about. That’s why I real

80 min
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Ryan Michler & Clint Emerson 04 Feb 2020 • EN

The Right Kind of Crazy | CLINT EMERSON

We all know the world can be a dangerous place and if a man hasn’t prepared himself for all that may come up, frankly, he’s shirking his role and responsibility as a man. It’s in our nature, after all, to protect, provide, and preside and yet so many men seem utterly incapable of doing so. Today, I am joined by a frien

72 min
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Chad Prather & Clint Emerson 09 Jan 2020 • EN

Ep 181 | How to Survive Dangerous Situations

Former Navy SEAL and covert operative Clint Emerson is back to help you prepare for dangerous situations like home invasions and active shooters.  Support us by supporting our sponsors! Visit or call 877-367-7524 to sign up TODAY! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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