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Elise Loehnen & Chloé Cooper 26 Oct 2023 • EN

When We Hold Ourselves Apart (Chloé Cooper Jones)

“That's just like the human struggle, is how is it that our interiority and the way that we're perceived externally, how do we live with that? How does it act? Like, how do those things influence each other? Like, that's maybe the human problem. And so academia puts another layer on that, disability puts another layer

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Zibby Owens & Chloé Cooper 31 Aug 2022 • EN

Chloé Cooper Jones, EASY BEAUTY: A Memoir

"I'm human like anybody else. I'm susceptible to all these bad narratives that I both internalize about myself or can turn on other people." Pulitzer Prize finalist, professor, and author Chloé Cooper Jones joins Zibby to talk about her memoir, Easy Beauty, which documents her global exploration and life with a disabil

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Miwa Messer & Chloé Cooper 14 Apr 2022 • EN

Chloé Cooper Jones on EASY BEAUTY

“You know, beauty is such an interesting term. I think it's really important how vast and complex it is … we call people beautiful, I call my dog beautiful every day. I call food I eat beautiful, I call bitter, bitter coffee, beautiful, I call an idea beautiful. A mathematical concept can be beautiful, a sunset, the na

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Max Linsky & Chloé Cooper 06 Apr 2022 • EN

Episode 483: Chloé Cooper Jones

Chloé Cooper Jones is a philosopher and journalist whose work has appeared in GQ, The Verge, The Believer and many other publications. Her new book is Easy Beauty. ”I literally didn't talk to anyone in my life about disability until I was, like, 30. Ever. Not my husband, not my friends, as little as possible to my own

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