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Reid Hoffman + Aria Finger & Ariel Ekblaw 17 May 2023 • EN

Ariel Ekblaw on the Future of Space Exploration

What if we could commute to space for work? Or rest and relax in a floating pod, immersed in a galaxy? Such easy access to space might not be as far away as we think. This week, Reid and Aria sit down with Ariel Ekblaw, director of the MIT Space Exploration Initiative and founding CEO of Aurelia Institute. Ariel talks

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Ariel Ekblaw is the director of the MIT Space Exploration Initiative. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - BetterHelp: to get 10% off - Coinbase: to get $10 in free Bitcoin - Indeed: to get $75 credit - ExpressVPN: https:/

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Mat Kaplan & Ariel Ekblaw 24 Nov 2021 • EN

Into the anthropocosmos with Ariel Ekblaw

Ariel Ekblaw and her Space Exploration Initiative colleagues believe we are at the cusp of interplanetary civilization. They are building the tools, environments and knowledge that will speed the transition and solve problems on Earth. Ariel has published Into the Anthropocosmos, a beautiful celebration of SEI’s fifth

58 min
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