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“Noah’s new book Million Dollar Weekend has so many nuggets for aspiring and mature entrepreneurs alike. Specifically, if you’re launching a new product, starting a new business, or you want to keep things simple for your team, you’ll find tangible guidance in this book.” - Dan In this episode, TMBA host Dan Andrews si

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Dan Andrews + Ian Schoen & Rob Walling 08 Sep 2022 • EN

TMBA 666: Following The Signs In Your Business

The ‘Stair Step’ approach to entrepreneurship is a recurring theme on the TMBA. Coined of course by Startups For The Rest Of Us host Rob Walling. Essentially, it describes how you can build up your business chops by for example, starting a freelance business, then parlaying some of those clients into running an agency

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Dan Andrews + Ian Schoen & Noah Kagan 18 Aug 2022 • EN

TMBA 663: Overrated and Underrated Business Concepts with Noah Kagan

This show is a ‘drop in’ to the kind of conversations Dan and Ian have been having all summer long in their co-working space in Barcelona, as fellow entrepreneurs have come by the city. And today they’re joined by one of our favorite guests, AppSumo founder Noah Kagan. The idea is a simple one - let’s just have some fu

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Dan Andrews + Ian Schoen & Sherry Walling 26 May 2022 • EN

TMBA 651: Finding Hope in The Aftermath of Loss

Today’s guest, Sherry Walling, is a respected clinical psychologist who specialises in entrepreneur mental health. She’s also the host of Zen Founder, a podcast where she is sometimes joined by her husband Rob. Those who have listened to Zen Founder know that Sherry has been sharing movingly about the upheavals and los

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Rob Walling & Dan Andrews + Ian Schoen 15 Mar 2022 • EN

Episode 594 | Starting Over with the TropicalMBA’s Dan & Ian

In Episode 594, Rob Walling chats with Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, the founders of Dynamite Jobs and the TropicalMBA podcast. We talk about how they started over. They started a new business, Dynamite Jobs, a couple of years after selling their physical products company back in 2015.Episode Sponsor: Microsoft for Start

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Ian Schoen + Dan Andrews & Rob Walling 27 Jan 2022 • EN

TMBA 634: The ‘Downside Protection’ of Investing in Bootstrapped Businesses

Tiny Seed co-founder Rob Walling joins Dan to share insights about why bootstrapped businesses, particularly Software as a Service (SaaS), are becoming increasingly desirable to investors, partly due to the ‘downside protection’ they offer. They also discuss the pros and cons of serving ‘two sided marketplaces’ and why

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