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For centuries, Medieval life in Europe meant a world determined and prescribed by church and royalty. The social sphere was very much a pyramid, and everybody had to answer to and fit within the schemes of those on top. And then, on wings of reason, Modern selves emerged to scrutinize these systems and at great cost sw

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Neil Denny & Andrea Wulf 19 Sep 2022 • EN

Little Atoms 773 - Andrea Wulf's Magnificent Rebels

Andrea Wulf talks to Neil about her new book Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics and the Invention of the Self. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Sam Leith & Andrea Wulf 10 Aug 2022 • EN

Andrea Wulf: Magnificent Rebels

In this week's Book Club podcast, I'm joined by Andrea Wulf to talk about the birth of Romanticism at the end of the 18th century. Her new book Magnificent Rebels tells the story of the "Jena set" -- a staggering assemblage of the superstars of German literature and philosophy who gathered in a small town and collectiv

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Michael Garfield & Andrea Wulf 04 Jun 2021 • EN

Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 2: Humboldt's Dangerous Idea

The 19th Century saw many transformations: the origins of ecology and modern climatology, new unifying theories of the living world, the first Big Science projects, revolutions in the Spanish colonies, new information systems for the storage and representation of data… Many of these can be traced back to the influence

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Michael Garfield & Andrea Wulf 21 May 2021 • EN

Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 1: Humboldt's Naturegemälde

When you hear the word “nature,” what comes to mind? Chances are, if you are listening to this in the 21st Century, the image is one of a vast, interconnected, living network — one in which you and your fellow human beings play a complicated part. And yet, this is a relatively recent way of thinking for the modern West

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