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Michael Garfield & David Wolpert + Ted Chiang + James Gleick + David Krakauer 24 Feb 2023 • EN

Complex Conceptions of Time with David Krakauer, Ted Chiang, David Wolpert, & James Gleick

And now for something completely different!  Last October, The Santa Fe Institute held its third InterPlanetary Festival at SITE Santa Fe, celebrating the immensely long time horizon, deep scientific and philosophical questions, psychological challenges, and engineering problems involved in humankind’s Great Work to ex

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Michael Garfield & David Wolpert + Farita Tasnim 21 Oct 2022 • EN

David Wolpert & Farita Tasnim on The Thermodynamics of Communication

Communication is a physical process. It’s common sense that sending and receiving intelligible messages takes work…but how much work? The question of the relationship between energy, information, and matter is one of the deepest known to science. There appear to be limits to the rate at which communication between two

66 min
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On the one hand, we have math: a world of forms and patterns, a priori logic, timeless and consistent. On the other, we have physics: messy and embodied interactions, context-dependent and contingent on a changing world. And yet, many people get the two confused, including physicists and mathematicians. Where the two m

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