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Eric Tivers & Diana Mercado-Marmarosh 22 Nov 2022 • EN

456 | Stop Putting Others First with ADHD Physician Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh

This week, Eric is joined by Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, also known as Dr. D, a family-medicine physician, clinic medical director, and chief medical officer.  Dr. D is also the founder of OverAchieve Life Coaching.  Prior to discovering coaching, Diana typically had 200 charts open and a “graveyard” of unfinished pro

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Diana Mercado-Marmarosh 31 Aug 2022 • EN

Episode 8 - Dr Diana Mercado-Marmarosh

Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, is a Family Medicine Physician, Clinic Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer. She is also the founder of "OverAchieve Life Coaching", a company designed to help physicians and medical students create systems that are "so simple, even someone with ADHD can implement them". For the past

53 min
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