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Tammi Moses is the founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of Homes Are For Living, LLC dba The Hoarding Solution which is a Veteran Woman Owned & Operated business. Tammi provides virtual consultations & workshops on the issue of hoarding. She also hosts The Hoarding Solution Podcast. Tammi believes in inspiring others to take their adversity and use it for the greater good. She is the voice of #AKOPTH-Adult Kids of Parents That Hoard. She is also a voice & advocate for #YLITH – Youth Living in The Hoard. You can connect with Tammi in a number of ways:

Tammi Moses's Interviews

Tammi Moses & Richard Kaufman 27 Apr 2023 • EN

Richard Kaufman - Caring for Those Who Couldn't Care for Us

Richard Kaufman is an author, podcast host and Army Veteran that believes in paying it forward. He is a caring son, father, husband and friend that ensures the people in his circle know they matter.  Please take a moment to listen to this important conversation about caring for our loved ones who hoard. We are frequent

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Tammi Moses & Marisa Readus 25 Mar 2021 • EN

Our Clients Need Us to Be Intentionally Different

Marisa Readus is located in Dallas / Ft. Worth Metro area and is the owner of Absolute Touch Specialized Cleaning Services. Her journey began in 2015 when someone from her church asked for her help. The person was in a wheelchair, dealing with a disability and could no longer clean their home. Marisa was honored to be

38 min
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Keith grew up around real estate and experienced cleaning out rental properties as a kid and listened to discussions on real estate at the dinner table. Keith has seen numerous aspects of the real estate industry. From time to time he has encountered hoarding situations in this line of work. Keith is an US Air Force Ve

44 min
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Tammi Moses & Michelle Evans 21 Jan 2021 • EN

Michelle Evans - Using Our Trauma To Help Others Heal

As an international speaker, teacher and leader, Michelle Evans works with women around the world to heal old traumas and reconnect with themselves on all levels. Michelle’s story includes healing from childhood trauma. She has found healing in reconnecting with with herself,  while using her intuitive and energetic ab

39 min
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Tammi Moses & Travis Johnson 10 Dec 2020 • EN

Travis Johnson - The Value of Leadership and Giving Back

Travis is currently an active-duty officer in the United States Navy. He is married with two children and currently on move #50!  His humble beginnings include 36 moves before graduating high school at 17, 6 states, 5 foster homes, surviving 2 murder attempts as well as  getting in serious trouble with the law. Althoug

66 min
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Tammi Moses & Richard Kaufman 22 May 2020 • EN

Richard Kaufman - The Comeback Coach

Richard is an Army veteran that has struggled much and overcome a lot in his lifetime! Listen in as we talk about military service, mentors who have helped and the experience of dealing with a hoarded home as a kid and escaping homelessness. Richard is known as #TheComeBackCoach and is all about helping people overcome

56 min
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