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Sabina Sulat is a career workplace executive, having been a three-time head of Learning and Organizational Development at a global level. After losing her dream job to a reorganization, she turned her personal tragedy into the book and podcast, Agile Unemployment-- both designed to normalize the conversations we have about being out of work. In early 2023, Sabina will launch her second yet untitled book, written to help people just starting their careers. The book is designed to fully explain all aspects of work-- usually referred to as the Employee Engagement Cycle. Currently, Sabina publicly speaks about workplace aspects and privately coaches people through their workplace crossroads.

Sabina Sulat's Interviews

Sabina Sulat & Alistair Barton 20 Apr 2023 • EN

Agile Unemployment: Picking at Perfection, Part II w/Alistair Barton

Is the ideal of perfection the main reason we either are afraid to start something or the reason we quit? And if you find yourself stuck in a moment, how do you get out of it? Join podcast hosts and comrades, Sabina Sulat and Alistair Barton as they discuss the trap of perfection and brainstorm strategies to focus on p

55 min
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Sabina Sulat & Alistair Barton 28 Dec 2022 • EN

Conquering Perfection with Alistair Barton

Do you find yourself seeking perfection in your job search only to be overwhelmed by the idea that you will never reach it? Does losing (or finding) the perfect job hold you back in your quest to go back to work? Does the fear of not being the perfect candidate stop you from applying for your dream job? At one time or

49 min
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Sabina Sulat & Laura Michelle Davis 29 Nov 2022 • EN

The Truth About Labor Statistics with Laura Michelle Davis

Ever wonder why when you read about the unemployment rate it doesn't quite match up to other news items such as the economy? Do you feel disheartened or frustrated when you read or hear that the unemployment rate is low but after a year, you still can't find a job? It isn't you! The job statistics reported by the US De

51 min
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Practicing self-care when you are out of work is a double-edged sword. You finally have the time to spend on yourself but guilt and financial issues plus your need to find a new job are just some of the roadblocks to focusing on you. Proper self-care can reverse or prevent burnout and build your resilience. Burnout, th

46 min
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Host Sabina Sulat welcomes keynote speaker and author of Own Your Career, Own Your Life, Andy Storch to discuss the importance of Networking. Andy and Sabina also discuss how to make the mind-shift that what happens to you can also be the thing that happens for you so that you can begin the career and life you want and

43 min
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