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Laura Gaddis Laura is a writer, author, educator, and writing coach. She has numerous pieces published in journals like Thin Air Magazine, Stonecoast Review, The Weekly Humorist, and more. She has a forthcoming memoir 'Mosaic' with Unsolicited Press (March 4, 2025). Her current work-in-progress is a historical fiction, using extensive documentation from her own grandmother's life to tell the story of Gertrude, a girl born in eastern Germany between the two World Wars. Before earning her MFA in creative writing, Laura earned her Masters in Clinical Psychology, earned her Professional Counselor license, and worked in the psychology field in various roles. Leaving behind her work in the clinical psychology field, she found how her skill set in observation of life and interest in humanity flows so naturally into writing. Ultimately, she loves teaching and talking about writing--and the stories underneath our personal situations that connect us all as humans.

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