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Vincent Geloso 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Vincent Geloso on Global Inequality

Today, I am excited to welcome on Vincent Geloso. He is an assistant professor at George Mason University, specializing in the measurement of living standards. We talk about his new study with Chelsea Follet of the Cato Institute titled “Global Inequality in Well-Being Has Decreased across Many Dimensions” , which disc

46 min
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Garrett M. Petersen & Vincent Geloso 12 Jul 2019 • EN

Markets for Rebellion with Vincent Geloso

Vincent Geloso returns to the podcast today to discuss his paper, "Markets for Rebellions? The Rebellions of 1837-38 in Lower Canada". The paper discusses the idea that political upheaval and even violent rebellion can be more likely in areas with a high degree of market access. In 1837-38, the British colonies of Uppe

57 min
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Garrett M. Petersen & Vincent Geloso 15 Apr 2018 • EN

Lightships and Public Goods with Vincent Geloso

The assiduous Vincent Geloso returns to the podcast to discuss his work with Rosolino Candela on lightships and their importance in economics. The abstract of their paper reads as follows: What role does government play in the provision of public goods? Economists have used the lighthouse as an empirical example to ill

55 min
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Garrett M. Petersen & Vincent Geloso 18 Aug 2017 • EN

Cuban Healthcare with Vincent Geloso

This episode’s guest is Vincent Geloso, here to talk about his work on Cuban healthcare statistics. He recently released a working paper with coauthor Gilbert Berdine titled "The Paradox of Good Health and Poverty: Assessing Cuban Health Outcomes under Castro." The abstract reads as follows: In spite of being poor and

44 min
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Returning to the podcast is Vincent Geloso of Texas Tech University. Our topic for this episode is anthropometric history, the study of history by means of measuring humans. Doing serious historical research into the distant past is difficult work, because the further you look back in time, the less information you can

40 min
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Garrett M. Petersen & Vincent Geloso 01 Nov 2016 • EN

Re-thinking the U-Curve of Inequality with Vincent Geloso

What follows is an edited transcript of my conversation with Vincent Geloso. Petersen: My guest today is Vincent Geloso of the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University. Vincent, welcome to Economics Detective Radio. Geloso: It's a pleasure to be here. Petersen: So the paper we'll be discussing today is titled "A

49 min
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