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Nick Hanauer + David Goldstein & Tom Bergin 15 Mar 2022 • EN

Free lunch thinking (with Tom Bergin)

Investigative financial analyst Tom Bergin cut his teeth investigating corporate wrongdoing. When he turned his attention to the economics profession, he learned that eight major economic theories—used by experts to shape policy across the globe—entirely lack factual basis. He joins the pod to explain how those theorie

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Andrew Keen & Tom Bergin 07 Jan 2021 • EN

Tom Bergin: Why Are Economic Theories Made by Governments Wrong

On today's episode, Andrew Keen talks with Tom Bergin about his new book, Free Lunch Thinking, and what the United States -- and the world -- needs to do to set a path for a more considered future. Tom Bergin has reported on the energy industry for over twelve years, having previously worked as an oil broker. He is in

40 min
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