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Stephanie Kelton is one of the world's foremost economics teachers and influencers, and author of The Deficit Myth. Stephanie is well known for her writing and work with US Presidential committees such as those for Bernie Sanders or under both the Trump and Biden adminisation. Stephanie recently spoke with Owen Rask on

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Nick Hanauer & Stephanie Kelton 08 Feb 2022 • EN

Debunking deficit myths (with Stephanie Kelton)

Modern Monetary Theory is an attempt to accurately describe how government debt and complex financial systems actually work and it can help us responsibly use our resources. No one is more knowledgeable on the subject than returning guest, Professor Stephanie Kelton. On this episode, originally released in 2020, Kelton

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Jonathan Doyle & Stephanie Kelton 04 Jun 2021 • EN

Stephanie Kelton MMT & The Deficit Myth

This is the first in a new series of content where I explore Stephanie Kelton's theories of MMT. Is MMT just Keynesianism on steroids? Is there any veracity to the claims of Stephanie Kelton and other advocates of Modern Monetary Theory. I explore the introductory claims in her books and some initial responses to the s

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Marianne Williamson & Stephanie Kelton 17 Dec 2020 • EN

A People’s Economy with Stephanie Kelton

From health care to education, policy proposals that do the most to help people live better lives are often met with the question, “But how are you going to pay for it?” That’s where Stephanie Kelton - the “people’s economist” - comes in. A former Chief Economist on the Senate Budget Committee and Bernie Sanders adviso

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Anthony Scaramucci & Joe Scarborough + Stephanie Kelton + Amy Webb 04 Dec 2020 • EN

Episode 13: Stephanie Kelton, Amy Webb & Joe Scarborough

What does the US economy need to pull itself out of the Covid-19 crisis? Anthony examines the situation with Stephanie Kelton, economist and author of the instant New York Times bestseller, The Deficit Myth.  We’ve been dealing with a lot of uncertainty recently, from the impact of the pandemic to the election. Anthony

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