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Tom Antion 10 Nov 2023 • EN

Master eMail Marketing 11-09-2023

The Master of eMail Marketing joins AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast host Judith Briles for this info-heavy session. Expert Tom Antion has never had a job. He's an Internet Multimillionaire who has sent out over a billion emails over the past 29 years with virtually zero complaints. He's the founder of the

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Send us a Text Message. What happens when you combine a humble upbringing, a knack for entrepreneurship, and a passion for internet marketing? You get Tom Antion, an internet multi-millionaire, and the man who founded the country"s only licensed dedicated internet marketing school. Join us as Tom takes us on his journe

52 min
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Tom Antion & Richard Kaufman 15 Sep 2023 • EN

He's The Comeback Coach: Tom interviews Richard Kaufman

We couldn't have a better guest on this momentous episode. His name is Richard Kaufman. He's the comeback coach. And when you hear his story of what crap he's been through and and came back and now is inspiring thousands of other tens of thousands of other people, you'll be amazed. Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes

27 min
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Tom Antion & Jared Ledbetter 06 Sep 2023 • EN

Veterans connecting Veterans: Tom interviews Jared Ledbetter

We're here again in September. It's Vetpreneur Month and we've got another great veteran on here. Jared Ledbetter is here from Carbon and also from The Veteran Database that he's going to tell us about. He's a proud United States Marine Corps veteran and he's worked in supply and logistics for well over 15 y

25 min
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Tom Antion & Lance Cayko 28 Jun 2023 • EN

Tiny Homes Big Profits: Tom interviews Lance Cayko

Lance Cayko is here, and I think that's not a stage name. He can tell us about that. But he is an award winning architect. And he got knocked down and he got back up with some guerrilla marketing techniques he's going to tell you about. Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 766 How To Automate Your Business - ht

34 min
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Dan Janal & Tom Antion 08 May 2023 • EN

#185 – Tom Antion on How to Make More Money From Your Books

Tom Antion, our fearless leader, has never had a job. He's always had his own business. Starting with nothing, he owned five apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE graduating college. Tom has actually been entrepreneurial since he was nine or ten years old. Tom's dad came from Syria through Ellis Island in the early 19

35 min
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