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Tom Emmer 15 Dec 2023 • EN

Hour 3: Tom Emmer

Jon Justice is joined by Rep Tom Emmer and Max Rymer joins for the rest of the show!

40 min
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Tom Emmer 01 Dec 2023 • EN

Hour 2 : Tom Emmer / Debate Night

Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) joins to discuss the investigations into Hunter Biden, the ongoing war in Israel and more. Newsom and DeSantis debated Thursday in Georgia, and Jon breaks it all down with audio, opinions and more.

47 min
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Tom Emmer 21 Nov 2023 • EN

Hour 3: Tom Emmer, Scott Klug

Jon wraps the show with Rep Tom Emmer, and former TV Anchor and Rep Scott Klug.

41 min
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Tom Emmer 10 Nov 2023 • EN

Hour 2 : Max Rymer / Tom Emmer

Friend of the show and frequent Friday guest Max Rymer joins the show to discuss several local and national issues in and around a conversation with Representative Tom Emmer, who talks about the election results from Tuesday, crypto, the war in Israel and much more.

45 min
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Tom Emmer 22 Sep 2023 • EN

Hour 2 : Ten Second Tom Emmer

Joe Biden forgets his lines (again) as we break down a recent appearance in public by the President, then Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) joins to discuss the latest bills he’s championed and more.

42 min
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Tom Emmer 06 Sep 2023 • EN

Hour 2 : SROh-No / Tom Emmer

Jon talks SRO’s in schools followed by a discussion with Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) on the aforementioned subject, the rising cost of school supplies and much more.

42 min
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