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Michael Blank + Garrett Lynch & Chris Naugle 10 Apr 2023 • EN

MB365: The Making of a Successful Entrepreneur – With Chris Naugle

Are entrepreneurs born or made? If you ask Chris Naugle, they are created. But to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks. And you can’t conform to someone else’s failed reality. As a former pro snowboarder, Chris is good at leaping into the unknown. He applied that risk tolerance to busines

44 min
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Garrett Lynch + Michael Blank & Mike Michalowicz 19 Dec 2022 • EN

MB349: How to Build a Syndication Business That Runs Itself – With Mike Michalowicz

There's a lot of pundits who say that entrepreneurship is about the hustle and grind. We’re supposed to work harder and harder and sacrifice our lives for the sake of the business. But Mike Michalowicz argues that entrepreneurship is not about doing the job. It’s about creating jobs. So, how do you remove yourself from

39 min
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Michael Blank + Garrett Lynch & Chandler Bolt 05 Dec 2022 • EN

MB347: Why Every Syndicator Should Write a Book – With Chandler Bolt

Building a platform is an important part of raising money at scale. But you need more than a website to demonstrate your credibility with potential investors. Becoming an author gives you authority. It allows you to share your investing thesis with many, many prospects and generate leads as well as referrals. But what

40 min
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Garrett Lynch + Michael Blank & Dave Foster 14 Nov 2022 • EN

MB344: Making the Most of IRC Section 1031 – With Dave Foster

One of the beautiful things about investing in real estate is its tax benefits. And the 1031 exchange is a common strategy we use to avoid paying capital gains. But most of us haven’t studied IRC Section 1031 enough to know ALL the ways we can use the tax code to reinvest our real estate profits—rather than handing the

37 min
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Garrett Lynch + Michael Blank & Sterling Griffin 05 Sep 2022 • EN

MB334: From Homeless to Multi-Millionaire in 2 Years – With Sterling Griffin

Proximity is power. But how do you get in front of successful people when you're struggling yourself? Sterling Griffin was homeless when he made the decision to surround himself with the people he wanted to become. Then he found creative ways to add value so they'd want to be friends. And in just two years, Sterling we

41 min
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Garrett Lynch + Michael Blank & Ryan Pineda 04 Jul 2022 • EN

MB325: The Future of Real Estate Is Digital – With Ryan Pineda

What does the future of real estate look like? If you ask Ryan Pineda, the future of real estate is digital. And he sees the potential to build multiple billion-dollar businesses that solve many of the problems we face—on the blockchain. Ryan began his real estate career in 2010, and since then, he’s flipped hundreds o

46 min
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