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Interview recorded - 10th of November, 2023 On this episode of the WTFinance podcast I had the pleasure of welcoming back Francis Hunt - Trader, Technical Analyst, Teacher and originator of the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method. During our conversation we spoke about Francis" thoughts about the market, why we are in an ant

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In this special edition of Palisades Tom details his recent visit to Africa where he met up with Francis Hunt of "The Market Sniper" for a motorbike adventure across three countries. Francis, who was born in South Africa and has lived in the UK for 20 years, shares his insights on the diamond and gold industries in Sou

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We"re excited to have Francis Hunt, the Market Sniper, on our podcast. He"s got an intriguing and unique take on trading, likening it to the strategic selectivity and patience of a sniper. Francis opens up about his military background and how it shaped his efficient approach to the market - making fewer, but more succ

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Tom Bodrovics & Francis Hunt 19 Jul 2023 • EN

Francis Hunt: Gold – The Beginning of the Journey to $2905

Tom welcomes Francis Hunt, the founder of The Market Sniper, back to the show. Francis talks about why inflation has not been "cured" yet; it looks better only because it is being compared to previous numbers and basing effects. Year-on-year effects have decreased, but the consumer is still taking a hit. The declining

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Tom Bodrovics & Francis Hunt 22 Mar 2023 • EN

Francis Hunt: Gold is Winning Against All Fiat

Tom welcomes back Francis Hunt, Founder of "The Market Sniper" to the show. Francis discusses the bond market bottom of March 2020 and the series of rate hikes that came afterward. We're beginning to see the lagging effects of the Feds policy. In addition, there are a series of long-term demographic shifts which are pl

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Tom Bodrovics & Francis Hunt 03 Nov 2022 • EN

Francis Hunt: The World is Turning to Gold as Debt Resets

Tom welcomes Francis Hunt, Founder of "The Market Sniper" back to the show. Francis, discuss how demand for physical metal appears to be increasing significantly in the United Kingdom. A lot of interest is coming from those in the financial industry. Some of those customers have expressed concerns about their employer'

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