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Tom Bodrovics & Bob Coleman 21 Sep 2023 • EN

Bob Coleman: Decoding the Silver Industry

Tom welcomes Bob Coleman CEO of Idaho Armored Vaults back to the show. Bob discusses some of the shifts and patterns in the precious metals market this year. He explains that the increase in SLV shares by authorized participants does not necessarily reflect an influx of new investors or a rise in silver purchases. Rath

46 min
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In Part One of this Twitter Space, we are joined by Tom Luongo and Bob Coleman. Tom discusses the political situation in Ukraine and expresses concerns about the FTX crypto exchange debacle. It appears those in charge want it to just go away. Tom notes the financial system today is all largely built on Ponzi schemes. I

92 min
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Tom Bodrovics & + Keith Weiner + Jim Hunter + Tom Luongo Vince Lanci + Bob Coleman 09 Sep 2022 • EN

Twitter Spaces: Gold, Silver, and Energy with Vince Lanci, Tom Luongo, Keith Weiner, Bob Coleman & Jim Hunter

This is an edited recording of a live Twitter Spaces event from September 7, 2022. This first part features Vince Lanci and Tom Luongo discussing politics, energy, and the metals markets. Keith Weiner explains how gold could be successfully remonetized and his thesis regarding metals manipulation. In Part Two coming ou

102 min
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Tom Bodrovics & Bob Coleman + Tom Luongo 16 Apr 2022 • EN

Palisades Twitter Spaces – Live Event Part 1 – April 8 2022

This is a recording of a live Twitter Spaces event from April 8, 2022. This first part features Bob Coleman and Tom Luongo discussing the metals markets and the political and economic situation in the United States. Part Two features David Morgan, The Happy Hawaiian and Steve Penny. In Part Two coming out soon we also

116 min
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