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Welcome to the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, Colorado! In this episode, we explore Shelby's background story and delve into what motivated her to become a journalist. We also discuss her magazine "DoubleBlind," her thoughts on the future of the psychedelic space, the significance of education in the psyched

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East Forest & Shelby Hartman 13 Sep 2022 • EN

Shelby Hartman - DoubleBlind! (#227)

Shelby worked in broadcast news production for CBS News covering presidential elections, protests, natural disasters, and other breaking news. Spurred by a passion for print and investigative reporting, she transitioned to magazine writing, working as an editor at Pasadena Magazine and receiving her Master’s Degree in

68 min
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Jon Gabrus & Shelby Hartman 16 Dec 2021 • EN

341: Mushrooms (w/ Shelby Hartman)

Writer and reporter Shelby Hartman joins gabrus to get wavvy and talk about the benefits of shrooms. Check out gabrus' other podcast, Action Boyz. Advertise on High & Mighty via Shout out to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this episode of High & Mighty. Go to and you can get an extra 3 month

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Donnell Alexander + Alex Halperin & Madison Margolin + Shelby Hartman 01 Jul 2019 • EN

63. Our Psychedelic Future with DoubleBlind Magazine

Double Blind editors Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin stopped by the studio to update Alex and Donnell on the change lapping at the shore of the psychedelic realm and explain why starting a magazine in 2019 "just felt right." Forthcoming policy around decriminalization, the psilocybin trials underway, and hallucinog

32 min
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