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Anthony Atamanuik 13 Sep 2023 • EN

Cult Documentaries Make Me Happy w/ Anthony Atamanuik

Things that don’t make Ashley Ray panic? Cult documentaries! ‘Don’t Panic’ host Anthony Atamanuik joins the podcast to discuss the story of Teal Swan, who made the best NXIVM doc, and whether or not he’d join a cult. They also debate ‘Below Deck’s’ Captain Sandy vs. Captain Lee and explain why CNN news alerts on HBO Ma

60 min
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Steven Johnson & Anthony Atamanuik 14 Aug 2023 • EN

Wondery Presents: Don’t Panic with Anthony Atamanuik

Staying alive in the most ridiculous situations keeps comedian Anthony Atamanuik up at night. If you’re attacked by a swarm of killer bees, do you lay on the ground and play dead? Climb up a tree? Jump into the nearest body of water with a little straw poking out as a breathing apparatus? We could find ourselves caught

7 min
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Matt Besser & Jon Gabrus + Anthony Atamanuik + John Gemberling 20 Apr 2023 • EN

420 Special 2023 (w/ Jon Gabrus, Jerry Minor, John Gemberling, Anthony Atamanuik)

Jon Gabrus, Jerry Minor, John Gemberling, and Anthony Atamanuik join Matt Besser for another blazing 4/20 spectacular! Pack a bowl and light up for scenes about gas tank weed, actors with conditions that double as skills, getting stuck in a portal to another dimension, and a man determined to get high until he’s dead.

79 min
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Jon Gabrus & Anthony Atamanuik 15 Sep 2022 • EN

381: Conspiracy Theories (w/ Anthony Atamanuik)

Comedian and actor Anthony Atamanuik joins gabrus for their regular conspiracy update.  Check out gabrus' other podcast, Action Boyz. And every Monday night at 11EST you can listen and talk with gabrus LIVE on his weekly movie show THE MOVIE BUFF or listen to some PREVIOUS EPISODES  Shout out to Backbone, Magic Spoon,

90 min
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Jon Gabrus & John Gemberling + Anthony Atamanuik 28 Oct 2021 • EN

334: Spooky Conspiracies (w/ John Gemberling and Anthony Atamanuik)

The wonderful John Gemberling and Anthony Atamanuik join gabrus to talk about spooky conspiracy theories and their new podcast, The Phoney and Call-y Show! Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Check out gabrus' other podcast, Action Boyz. Advertise on High & Mighty via S

95 min
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Robbie Nunes + Sebastian Conelli & Anthony Atamanuik 06 Aug 2021 • EN

91 - Duality (w/ Anthony Atamanuik)

This week we have our longest episode ever with Anthony Atamanuik! They waste no time and talk about what kind of improv student Sebastian was. Atamanuik played Donald Trump on The President's Show and doesn't shy away from talking politics, they really get into it. He also tells a story about how he almost was in the

111 min
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