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60 min
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Kevin Knudson + Evelyn Lamb & Sarah Hart 20 Jul 2023 • EN

Episode 86 - Sarah Hart

Gresham Professor of Geometry Sarah Hart likes cycloids and we talk at length about all their fascinating properties. Also, Moby Dick (or The Whale).

41 min
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Steve Levitt & Sarah Hart 29 Apr 2023 • EN

104. The Joy of Math With Sarah Hart

Steve is on a mission to reform math education, and Sarah Hart is ready to join the cause. In her return visit to the show, Sarah explains how patterns are everywhere, constraints make us more creative, and literature is surprisingly mathematical.

53 min
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Steve Levitt & Sarah Hart 30 Oct 2021 • EN

49. Mathematician Sarah Hart on Why Numbers are Music to Our Ears

Playing notes on her piano, she demonstrates for Steve why whole numbers sound pleasing, why octaves are mathematically imperfect, and how math underlies musical composition. Sarah, a professor at the University of London and Gresham College, also talks with Steve about the gender gap in mathematics and why being inter

46 min
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