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Jeremy Kirkland & Ryan Schreiber 06 Nov 2017 • EN

042 - Ryan Schreiber (Pitchfork)

My guest this week is Ryan Schreiber. Ryan is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online music magazine, Pitchfork. If you’re into music, you know what Pitchfork is, and Ryan is the man behind it all. We spoke about starting a business and not giving up on it, music merch becoming fashion staples and why everyone in

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Catie Lazarus & Ryan Schreiber 09 Sep 2013 • EN

PITCHFORK'S RYAN SCHREIBER on Employee of the Month

In 1995, music fan Ryan Schreiber created Pitchfork, a webzine by and for indie music lovers. He tapped into a starving market and filled a void as the internet launched and changed how we listen to, learn about, and distribute music. Pitchfork flourished even as musicians and music journalists often found themselves s

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