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Roberto Hernandez & Lara Price 17 Aug 2022 • EN

236 It's Really All About Networking–Musician Lara Price

In this episode Lara Price and I discuss the hosting jams, why jams make you a better musician and why they help you get gigs. We also talk about how acoustic performances are great for otherwise electric only bands and artists, how music education helped her develop a common language among musicians, and what it means

48 min
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Roberto Hernandez & Fabiana Claure 10 Jun 2022 • EN

233 Creating a business around your music and artistic sides–Fabiana Claure

Fabiana Claure is a concert pianist and educator who has created a business around her music and artistic sides. Teaching others how to do the same is her passion. Fabiana resides in the U.S., but has also lived in Bolivia and Cuba. She says that living abroad has given her a helpful global perspective toward music, en

40 min
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Kevin Breuner of CD Baby joins me in this episode to discuss music distribution, education for the DIY musician, his journey with CD Baby, his band Small Town Poets, and the DIY Musician podcast. CD Baby started out as a place where musicians could circumvent the middleman by selling music CDs direct to fans. It has si

49 min
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Roberto Hernandez & Harrison Marcello 09 Apr 2022 • EN

230 Stick To Your Guns And Your Vision–Harrison Marcello

Stick to your guns and your vision is what Harrison Marcello of the rock band TEMPT recommends to young bands. This, he says, helps bands stay ready for whatever projects may come their way. He’s a founding member, guitarist and one of the songwriters in TEMPT. The New York City based band has a love for the old school

38 min
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Roberto Hernandez & David Andrew Wiebe 25 Feb 2022 • EN

227 Creativity, Music, Entrepreneurship and Leadership – David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe thinks about creativity, music, entrepreneurship and leadership in everything he does. He is a musician, composer and published author with three best sellers. Among his books is the 2022 edition of The Music Entrepreneur Code, which David says is more ninja than its predecessor. He is also the host/

30 min
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David Andrew Wiebe & Roberto Hernandez 07 Jan 2022 • EN

259 – Growth – with Robonzo of The Unstarving Musician

What would it look like to start a new podcast? How do you market your music effectively? What are the most important tools you could be taking advantage of in 2022? That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast. Podcast Highlights: 00:35 – Robonzo returns 01:46 – Robonzo’s

41 min
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