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Christopher Sutton & Judy Rodman 08 Feb 2018 • EN

About Your Voice Sounding Weird

If you sing, it's likely you've recorded and listened back to your voice. Chances are, you were surprised by what you heard, and thought "Is this really what I sound like?". In this episode of the Musicality Podcast, we explain why recordings of yourself sound different from what you're used to hearing, and how to get

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Christopher Sutton & Judy Rodman 06 Feb 2018 • EN

All Things Vocal, with Judy Rodman

Today we're speaking with Judy Rodman of and the All Things Vocal blog. Judy went from being a professional jingle singer in the 70s to getting a recording contract as a singer and having a Billboard #1 song, to writing songs and having one of them become a #1 hit for Leann Rimes, to now being an in-dema

55 min
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a more confident musician? Are you wondering what it’s like to live the entrepreneurial life? Then you’re going to love this interview. In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I chat with Christopher Sutton of Musical U. Download the PDF Transcription Podcast Hi

47 min
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