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Rick Glassman & Arnold Schwarzenegger 13 Feb 2024 • EN

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rick grew up with posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger all over his wall. Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually take his shoes off to come in and have a chat with Rick to discuss his book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life”, as well as Arnold’s first 3 acts as a bodybuilder, movie star, and governor. Buy Arnold’s book here: h

93 min
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Rick Glassman & Ari Shaffir 06 Feb 2024 • EN

Ari Shaffir 3.0

Ari Shaffir takes his shoes off for the third time while he and Rick Glassman talk about stuff. LIVE TYSO in Los Angeles - February 18th - tickets here: https://www.dynastytypewriter.com/events-calendar?loxi_pathname=%2Ftake-your-shoes-off-w-rick-glassman-6415 See Rick's opening at the 2024 HCA ASTRA Film Awards here:

138 min
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Jameela Jamil & Rick Glassman 12 Dec 2023 • EN

Rick Glassman

Jameela is joined by actor & comedian Rick Glassman (Undateable, As We See It and the Take Your Shoes Off podcast) for a vulnerable & fun conversation about life, comedy and his superpower: honesty. The two discuss his later in life neurodivergent diagnosis, his personal experience with autism and those uncomfortable &

69 min
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Rick Glassman 24 Nov 2023 • EN

376: Rick Glassman

Comedian and host of the podcast Take Your Shoes Off, Rick Glassman joins the lads in studio this week. They talk about his podcast as well as weed, donuts, and as usual, a bunch of other stuff. Also, there's some freestyle rapping. For extended Poundcast episodes (Unzipped), subscribe on Patreon: https://www.patreon.c

67 min
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Rick Glassman & Tim Heidecker 24 Oct 2023 • EN

Tim Heidecker (Tim & Rick)

Timothy Richard Heidecker aka Tim Heidecker, is a comedian, writer, director, actor, and musician. Along with Eric Wareheim, he is a member of the comedy duo Tim & Eric. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes.  Tim and Rick talk about stuff and even get into other things. Don't believe us? Ask the dishes (that's from Beauty

128 min
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Rick Glassman & Nikki Glaser 17 Oct 2023 • EN

Nikki Glaser 2.0

Nikki Glaser and Rick Glassman talk about stuff and laugh. Don't believe us? Well give this a listen. Support TYSO by support our sponsors: This show is sponsored by BetterHelp. Make your brain your friend, with BetterHelp. Goto https://www.betterhelp.com/tyso today to get 10% off your first month. RICK GLASSMAN https:

131 min
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