Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman

Updated: 20 Feb 2024 • 250 episodes

Hi, I'm Rick Glassman, and I'm a goofy guy and a cute boy. As a kid, I had debilitating OCD. I still have a lot of “things.” The title of my podcast “Take Your Shoes Off” is a microcosm of my need for control and order in a world that... keeps their shoes on. I created this podcast to showcase a more serious side, as I have conversations with some of the funniest and most interesting people in the world. I’ve learned the language of comedy in an attempt to survive this shoes-on world, so of course there will be some goofs and spoofs, but think of this podcast as you being a fly on the wall, as opposed to being an audience member in a theatre. Please, take your shoes off, and enjoy!

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Lamorne Morris (New Girl, 6-time TYSO guest) + Harry Mack (Greatest freestyle rapper ever?, 2-time TYSO guest) + Rick Glassman (Award Winning Dramatic Actor) take their shoes off and turn into dragons. San Francisco - Cobb's Comedy Club - April 7th tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/6ee3pumj 20% Off Labor Day TYSO Merch

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Rick Glassman & Arnold Schwarzenegger 13 Feb 2024 • EN

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rick grew up with posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger all over his wall. Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually take his shoes off to come in and have a chat with Rick to discuss his book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life”, as well as Arnold’s first 3 acts as a bodybuilder, movie star, and governor. Buy Arnold’s book here: h

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Rick Glassman & Ari Shaffir 06 Feb 2024 • EN

Ari Shaffir 3.0

Ari Shaffir takes his shoes off for the third time while he and Rick Glassman talk about stuff. LIVE TYSO in Los Angeles - February 18th - tickets here: https://www.dynastytypewriter.com/events-calendar?loxi_pathname=%2Ftake-your-shoes-off-w-rick-glassman-6415 See Rick's opening at the 2024 HCA ASTRA Film Awards here:

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29 Jan 2024 • EN

Harland Willams 3.0

Harland Williams takes his shoes off for the 3rd* time and remains a FAVORITE guest of the Take Your Shoes Off podcast. LIVE TYSO in LA, Feb 18th 7:30pm: https://www.dynastytypewriter.com/events-calendar?loxi_pathname=%2Ftake-your-shoes-off-w-rick-glassman-6415 *4th if you include the Patreon only episode, only availab

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Sona Movsesian (Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend Podcast) 5.0! For the past 4 years, it has been a tradition that Sona comes and takes her shoes off of a January episode. The gals get into stuff about stuff and even talk about other things. Watch on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/-cX9Dn_Ih90 Rick will be headlining the Bre

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New Girl's Jake Johnson & Gareth Reynolds (We're Here to Help podcast) take their shoes off and yada yada. Listen, we put SO much into the episodes, we don't always love writing a description. Rick will be headlining the Brea Improv in Brea, CA on January 24th. Get tickets here: https://improv.com/brea/comic/rick+glass

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