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Evan Ratliff + Aaron Lammer + Max Linsky & Rebecca Traister 29 Jun 2022 • EN

Episode 493: Rebecca Traister

Rebecca Traister is a writer for New York and the author of Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. Her latest article is "The Necessity of Hope." “A big motivation of this piece, which I think is framed in this there’s still reason to hope is actually the inverse of that. Which is: Let us be crystal cl

43 min
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Scott Galloway + Kara Swisher & Rebecca Traister 20 May 2022 • EN

Billionaires Shouldn't Tweet, Netflix Layoffs, and Guest Rebecca Traister

Primary results are in! Aggrieved billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk can't stop tweeting at the government and Netflix laid off 150 full-time staffers. Also, ICE is watching you. Kara and Scott are joined by Friend of Pivot Rebecca Traister to discuss the impending end of Roe v. Wade. You can find Rebecca on Twitter

66 min
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Last week, we aired Part 1 of Michael's conversation with author Rebecca Traister about President Biden's first six months in office. Afterwards, Mike and Rebecca ended up in an unplanned, revealing and thoughtful discussion about #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in progressive media. Traister has written

59 min
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Michael Moore & Rebecca Traister 29 Jul 2021 • EN

Ep. 203: Rebecca Traister, Part 1

A full transcript of this episode is here: In the first part of Michael's conversation with New York Magazine's Rebecca Traister, they discuss the surprising aspects of Biden's first six months in office, the promise of America's political winds blowing to the left and the per

62 min
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Sam Harris & Rebecca Traister 05 Nov 2018 • EN

#141— Is #MeToo Going Too Far?

Sam Harris speaks with Rebecca Traister about her new book "Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger." If the Making Sense podcast logo in your player is BLACK, you can SUBSCRIBE to gain access to all full-length episodes at

39 min
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Kara Swisher & Rebecca Traister 31 Oct 2018 • EN

Recode Decode: 'Good and Mad' author Rebecca Traister

New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about her new book, "Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger." In this episode: (01:37) Traister's background; (07:34) Her goal when she became a feminist journalist; (11:54) The state of women's anger post-2016; (17:26) Why is an

63 min
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