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Ian Sample talks to Dr Rachel Clarke about her experience working in palliative care in the NHS and now with hospices in Ukraine. She tells him what dying can teach the living, what we can learn from the Covid pandemic, and reveals the anguish and defiance of trying to provide a dignified death in the midst of war. Hel

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Stephen Sackur & Rachel Clarke 30 Nov 2022 • EN

Rachel Clarke: Talking honestly about the end of life

Stephen Sackur speaks to the palliative care doctor and author Rachel Clarke. She has written thought-provoking, moving accounts of what it's like to be a junior doctor, and how it felt to confront the Covid pandemic. But perhaps her most powerful book focuses on a subject that many doctors, and the public, find it dif

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Michael Rosen & Rachel Clarke 16 Mar 2022 • EN

Michael Rosen and Rachel Clarke on the Covid-19 pandemic

It’s clear that the Covid pandemic has changed the way we need to think about public health, social justice, the economy and a good deal else besides. Michael Rosen, who became gravely ill with the disease, and whose bibliography is both too long and too impressive to list here, and Rachel Clarke, a journalist who beca

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James O'Brien & Rachel Clarke 28 Jan 2021 • EN

Rachel Clarke

Palliative care doctor & campaigner Rachel Clarke, better known as @doctor_oxford on Twitter, is on this week's episode of Full Disclosure with James O'Brien. In her most recent book, ‘Breathtaking: Inside the NHS in a time of Pandemic’, Dr Clarke writes what it was really like inside the NHS for patients, staff and fa

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