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Paul Matzko & Chelsea Follett + Cory Doctorow + Michael Munger + Ruth Cowan 17 Feb 2022 • EN

The Future of Stuff

Your home is full of technological miracles, devices that your ancestors would have regarded as near magic because of the life of relative ease they provide us with. However, something is changing. In the past, we got richer by owning more stuff; but in the future, we will have more by owning less. In this final episod

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Paul Matzko & Max Sklar 17 Sep 2020 • EN

Learn Like a Machine

Spend any time on social media and odds are that you've interacted with at least one bot account; given how advanced they've become, you might not even have noticed. Paul interviews bot programmer Max Sklar about why bots are a big part of the future of online interaction and why that's not necessarily a bad thing. The

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Josh Lewis & Paul Matzko 15 Sep 2020 • EN

Episode 67 – The Radio Right with Paul Matzko

Many Evangelicals and conservatives share an embattlement mindset.  Somehow we’re always losing the culture wars despite political gains and cultural acceptance, and even when we’re in the majority politically or enjoy unprecedented influence we can’t shake the feeling that the other shoe is about to drop.  No majority

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Paul Matzko & Peter Van Doren 09 Jul 2020 • EN

Do We Still Need Cities (with Peter Van Doren)

New York City's population dropped by 5% in just two weeks because of COVID-19, a drop concentrated among white collar professionals and Wall Street workers. But it's not just a New York City story as companies across the country have experimented with telework on a massive scale because of the pandemic. The question i

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Paul Matzko & Bryan Caplan 28 May 2020 • EN

COVID on Campus (with Bryan Caplan)

While universities debate whether to re-open on schedule for the fall semester, it’s expected that hundreds of colleges that were in financial distress will shutter their doors. While that might seem like obvious evidence of decline in higher education, economist Bryan Caplan suggests otherwise. In his controversial bo

52 min
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Trevor Burrus + Aaron Ross Powell & Paul Matzko 22 May 2020 • EN

The Radio Right (with Paul Matzko)

When you list successful government censorship campaigns, like the Alien and Sedition Acts and the Comstock laws, the censorship of right-wing radio in the 1960s should be right up there in the pantheon of the most egregious acts of government censorship in American history. Paul Matzko, author of The Radio Right, talk

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