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Josh Lewis & Alexandra Hudson 17 Oct 2023 • EN

141 – The Soul of Civility with Alexandra Hudson

Everyone supports civility, in theory, when the “other side” is behaving themselves.  But what is the role of civility in an era of growing political division?  Is civility a weakness that can be exploited by our political opponents?  Is it simply being well-mannered and exceedingly nice, or is there more to it?   Thos

55 min
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Josh Lewis & Bo Winegard 07 Jun 2022 • EN

108 – Following Up with Bo Winegard

Bo Winegard returns to the show to talk about controversies surrounding the science of human variation, his experience with cancel culture, and the growing problems of cognitive distribution.  It’s another in-the-weeds wonkfest of alarmingly nerdish proportions.   About Bo Winegard   Bo Winegard obtained his PhD in soc

94 min
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Josh Lewis & Corey Nathan 01 Mar 2022 • EN

102 – More Talking Less Killing with Corey Nathan

The British theologian and philosopher G. K. Chesterton observed that “religious liberty might be supposed to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion.  In practice it means that hardly anybody is allowed to mention it.”  When we talk openly about political or religious matters, we risk endangering relationships

61 min
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Josh Lewis & Christopher Owen 18 Jan 2022 • EN

Episode 99 – The Forgotten Legacy of Willmoore Kendall with Chris Owen

Few individuals have had as deep an impact on modern conservative thought, yet remain in relative obscurity, as Willmoore Kendall.  The conservative English professor Jeffrey Hart said of Kendall that he was "the most important political theorist to have emerged in the twenty-odd years since the end of World War II." 

81 min
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Josh Lewis & Ross Douthat 04 Jan 2022 • EN

Episode 98 – The Deep Places with Ross Douthat

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat joins Josh Lewis to talk about his recent memoir The Deep Places.  His book tells of his recent journey in battling chronic Lyme disease and his reflections on illness, discovery, and hope.   Ross’ story begins prior to the illness in which he was attempting to build the life he’d

50 min
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Josh Lewis & Jonah Goldberg 04 May 2021 • EN

Episode 82 – Ruminating Remnants with Jonah Goldberg

Syndicated columnist, author, podcaster, and political commentator Jonah Goldberg joins Josh to discuss his work in conservative media, their shared concerns with the direction of the country and sanity of the GOP, and why Woodrow Wilson was possibly an even worse human being than James Buchanan.   Jonah Goldberg hosts

99 min
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