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Peter Kafka 22 Feb 2024 • EN

Decoding Media with Peter Kafka

Our guest today is Peter Kafka. If you've listened to media podcasts, you've likely listened to Peter's Recode Media. It has been a fixture in the industry for years. Peter recently announced he's going back to Business Insider, which is notable because he was the first hire way back when it was known as Silicon Valley

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Peter Kafka & Matthew Berry 21 Sep 2023 • EN

How Matthew Berry made fake football his real job

Once the domain of the nerdiest of sports fans, these days fantasy football analysis is on primetime TV. Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) comments on fantasy football for NBC Sports (and before that, ESPN) and founded the website It's the culmination of a career that, for many people, would have alread

39 min
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Peter Kafka & Nimesh Patel 29 Jun 2023 • EN

How to make laughs on TikTok and action on Netflix

Comedian Nimesh Patel was grinding it out in the stand-up mines for years with middling success. And then the stage changed. Patel tells us how TikTok changed everything and what it’s like to live at the whim of the algorithm. Then, host Peter Kafka catches up with former stunt coordinator and current filmmaker Sam Har

58 min
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Peter Kafka & Nick Denton + Ben Smith + Jonah Peretti 02 May 2023 • EN

Jonah Peretti, Nick Denton and Ben Smith on digital news’ past and future

It’s our first four-way pod, featuring BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti, Gawker founder Nick Denton, and Semafor founder (and former editor-in-chief of the recently shuttered BuzzFeed News) Ben Smith, who wrote a book about them both. Peter Kafka talks to all of them in conjunction with Smith’s new book “Traffic: Genius,

36 min
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Jesse Thorn has been podcasting for so long it was called radio. Over time he turned his career into a business - Maximum Fun, a network of eclectic pop culture shows like Bullseye; My Brother, My Brother and Me; and Judge John Hodgman — and relied primarily on listener donations to fund it. But, as Thorn tells Vox’s P

41 min
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Mark Zuckerberg wants to build the metaverse. Neal Stephenson created the meta verse three decades ago. The author’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash popularized the use of the term “avatar” in a digital context, inspired the makers of Google Earth, and, of course, imagined (and named) the dystopian metaverse that

44 min
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