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Gayle Allen & Nicholas Carr 14 Sep 2020 • EN

CM 170: Nicholas Carr on What the Internet Does to Our Brains

Is the onslaught of online information eroding our brain's ability to think deeply and creatively? In 2008, Nicholas Carr, asked the provocative question, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Two years later, he delved more deeply into this topic in his Pulitzer Prize-nominated book, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing t

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Jon Ward & Nicholas Carr 29 Jul 2020 • EN

Nicholas Carr on "The Shallows" 10 Years Later

One of the foundational books of my adult life is “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman. It helped me see the ways in which the modern world was driven by entertainment more than information, as we transitioned from an word-based society to an image-based society with the advent of television. The modern equival

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Andrew Keen & Nicholas Carr 13 Apr 2020 • EN

DAILY: Nick Carr: Will the Analog World Make a Comeback

Nicholas Carr is the author of The Shallows, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, The Glass Cage, and Utopia is Creepy. He has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Atlantic, and Wired. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife.

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Francesca Luca & Nicholas Carr 02 Feb 2018 • EN

"Utopia is Creepy" author Nicholas Carr

The advances in modern technology have brought many benefits. They've made us more connected and given us easier access to information than ever before. But do all these good things come with a hidden cost? Have we traded human interaction for a glowing screen? Here today is "Utopia is Creepy: And Other Provocations" a

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Bob Crawford + Ben Sawyer & Nicholas Carr 20 Mar 2017 • EN

#49 The History of Technology w/ Nicholas Carr

The internet has revolutionized the human experience in the 21st century. Our ability to communicate with others, find locations in unfamiliar places, and access information from across the globe has never been easier, and new media like blogs and podcasts have connected voices with audiences in ways that were not poss

44 min
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