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Enrique Abeyta + Matt Saincome & Carol Roth 20 Apr 2022 • EN

$62,597 w/ Carol Roth

TV’s Carol Roth returns to the show to dive deep into Footlocker, energy and a new Tesla play idea involving Matt selling everything. Make sure to check out the Hard Money Newsletter for more tips and insights, including the Mr. Market Q&A with today’s guest!

73 min
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Enrique Abeyta + Matt Saincome & Josh Horowitz 06 Apr 2022 • EN

$64,105 w/ Josh Horowitz

We talk investing tips and public markets with Josh Horowitz, portfolio manager at Palm Global Small Cap Master. Make sure to check out the newsletter and the new Mr. Market section for more stock tips, information and more! 

68 min
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Matt Saincome + Enrique Abeyta & Whitney Tilson 09 Feb 2022 • EN

$92,096 w/ Whitney TIlson

We had a good week so we brought on special guest Whitney TIlson to dive deep into social media and SPACS. Matt gets brain damage from Facebook. Gabe wants to talk about bear cases.  Enrique is actually on TikTok. 

76 min
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Enrique Abeyta + Matt Saincome & Emmet Peppers 02 Sep 2021 • EN

Interview with Emmet Peppers (Turned $30k into $30mm)

The gang sits down with Good Soil’s Emmet Peppers, who used long dated call options to turn $30k into $30 million. We pick his brain and see if there’s a strategy we can adapt for the podcast.

61 min
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Matt Saincome + Enrique Abeyta & Eric Wade 20 Jul 2021 • EN

$18,731 w/ Crypto Expert Eric Wade

Crypto expert Eric Wade joins the podcast to talk about crypto, oracles, and a pick he has for the podcast portfolio. 

65 min
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Matt Saincome + Enrique Abeyta & Carol Roth 24 Jun 2021 • EN

$17,845 with Carol Roth

Long time friend of Enrique Carol Roth comes on the podcast to talk apes and her new book The War On Small Business.

59 min
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