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Matt Saincome + Enrique Abeyta & Whitney Tilson 09 Feb 2022 • EN

$92,096 w/ Whitney TIlson

We had a good week so we brought on special guest Whitney TIlson to dive deep into social media and SPACS. Matt gets brain damage from Facebook. Gabe wants to talk about bear cases.  Enrique is actually on TikTok. 

76 min
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Enrique Abeyta + Matt Saincome & Whitney Tilson 16 Jun 2021 • EN

$19,771 with Special guest Whitney Tilson

The gang welcomes value investor, ex-hedge fund manager, and philanthropist Whitney Tilson to the podcast. They peer pressure him into coughing up a speculative penny stock idea he invested in and add it to the podcast portfolio.

71 min
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Drew Appelbaum & Whitney Tilson 19 May 2021 • EN

The Art of Playing Defense: Whitney Tilson

Sometimes the most basic advice is the hardest to follow, even when it can save you from losing your reputation, your marriage, or your life. Further, it can be hard to find this ... The post The Art of Playing Defense: Whitney Tilson appeared first on Author Hour.

30 min
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Scott Galloway & Whitney Tilson 04 Feb 2021 • EN

GameStop Saga Continued

Whitney Tilson, the founder and CEO of Empire Financial Research, joins Scott to discuss the learnings from the WallStreetBets short-squeeze and the markets more generally. We also find out why Whitney is bullish on Transportation as a Service (TaaS). Follow him on Twitter, @WhitneyTilson. (16:54) Scott opens with his

66 min
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Siddharth Singhai & Whitney Tilson 08 Jan 2021 • EN

Art of Playing Defense ft. Whitney Tilson

Siddharth Singhai, Co-Founder and CIO of Ironhold Capital is joined by Whitney Tilson, CEO of Empire Financial Research, in a discussion about current events, rational investing, and what it means to be a defensive investor.  They discuss how you can apply these strategies so that you can build a stronger, more well-ro

39 min
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Daniel Ferris & Whitney Tilson 18 Apr 2019 • EN

Episode 98: Why Tesla is the most dangerous stock in America

Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris chats about the “Amazon of Africa,” IPO, the death of retail, and Apple & Qualcomm’s fight. Former hedge fund manager and founder of Empire Financial Research, Whitney Tilson, stops by to explain why he thinks Tesla is the most dangerous stock in America.

72 min
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