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Fabrice Grinda & Mark Lurie 13 Feb 2022 • EN

From VC to Web2 to Crypto with Mark Lurie

Mark Lurie is the CEO and co-founder of Shipyard Software. Shipyard Software builds decentralized exchanges (DEX) for specific types of trades, traders, and instruments, starting with Clipper, a DEX with the best prices anywhere on retail trades

53 min
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Anthony Pompliano & Mark Lurie 09 Jan 2022 • EN

#776 Building Decentralized Exchanges For Retail Traders w/ Mark Lurie

Mark Lurie is the CEO of Shipyard Software. They specialize in building decentralized exchanges focused on specific types of users in the DeFi space. In this conversation we discuss Decentralized Exchanges, technical trade-offs, liquidity management, and changes in incentive structures. ======================= LMAX Dig

28 min
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Mark Lurie is an associate professor of epidemiology at Brown University who joins the show to discuss his work from the early 90s until the present day. Tune in to discover: What was primarily to blame for the early spread of TB in Africa, as well as the spread and development of HIV hotspots How and why early interve

41 min
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The art and collectibles asset class includes fine art, jewelry, fine wines, watches, collectible cars, and more, and is estimated to be worth $6 trillion globally. However, there is no recognized system of verifying ownership and transactions, which is one of the major drivers of authenticity and value. Codex Protocol

12 min
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