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Charlie Robinson & Whitney Webb 05 Jul 2024 • EN

Flashback Friday | #265: One Nation Under Blackmail | Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb is back again to discuss her two-volume book series on intelligence agencies, international crime syndicates, dirty banks, and the players behind the networks. From BCCI to Iran-Contra, to the Savings & Loans fiasco, the events of the 1980s and 1990s seem long forgotten and perhaps unconnected to the black

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Charlie Robinson & Derrick Broze 12 May 2024 • EN

#437: Poisoning The Well | Derrick Broze

Investigative journalist, Derrick Broze, is back to discuss his two-week coverage of the fluoride trials happening in San Francisco, and what this could mean to cleaning up the water supply for the American people, as well as anything made that contains the toxic fluoridated water from the United States. As of the reco

74 min
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Graham Dunlop + Darren Grimes & Charlie Robinson 17 Mar 2024 • EN

Charlie Robinson - Cultural Marxism, World War III, The End of The American Economy

Charlie is back and we chat about his trip to Anarchapulco, Pod Hotels, Denver Airport, what the vibe was like and what they met about, the storm that slammed Acapulco a few months back, and how the anarchist community performed over the government.   We speculate about the storm genesis, why the media was so silent an

58 min
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Charlie Robinson & Whitney Webb 03 Mar 2024 • EN

#417: The Digital Deep State & Killware Economy | Whitney Webb

As the world descends into madness, we come to learn of a new term called “Killware” which is described as cyber attacks designed to cause harm to communities. Hospitals, banks, police stations, water treatment facilities, and other infrastructure providers are targeted by groups, almost always with ties to the intelli

66 min
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